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Stickwork Homage
Artwork inspired by the 'A Sight to Behold' stickwork sculpture, installed on Hillsborough's Riverwalk from November 2015 until January 2019 - exhibited at the Thomas Stevens Gallery January 25th through February 22nd, 2019.
The exhibit included 15 new paintings, 14 of the 'oculus' plus a larger painting of the stickwork. For a listing of paintings, dimensions, and remaining availability, see the link at the bottom of this page.
(Visit gallery by appointment, serendipity, and special open hours - window exhibition always on view)
Stickwork Oculus ~ A Sight to Behold

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Photo of oculus in A Sight To Behold stickwork sculpture
About the Stickwork Oculus Series…

The ‘A Sight to Behold’ stickwork sculpture installed on Hillsborough's Riverwalk inspired wonder, play, community, and a unique sense of place. And it inspired more art and art experiences (including improv plays and the Solstice Lantern Walk) that engaged literally thousands of people.
Whenever I would talk to folks about visiting the stickwork sculpture on Riverwalk, I always noted, “be sure and go inside - and when you go inside, be sure to look up.” The view up, of course, was through the ‘oculus’ - the center opening in the dome roof. Photos of the oculus evoked images of stained glass windows, which in turn inspired me to create the
oculus series of paintings. (Photo of cculus by Thomas Stevens)
The stickwork sculpture is now gone, but the community and artistic spirit it represents will continue to manifest in Hillsborough for many years to come.

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Stickwork Oculus paintings are oil on canvas. Dimensions and Price List
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This sign informed visitors about the stickwork sculpture.