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The Peccadillo Pearls series of paintings were originally created for display in Peccadillo, a classy “speakeasy” bar in Carrboro just over the line from Chapel Hill. Vividly colorful in daylight, the paintings were crafted to have presence in the very dim light of the establishment, becoming an important part of Peccadillo’s unique ambiance.
The titles of the first seven paintings -
The World, Will, Always, Welcome, Lovers As, Time, Goes By - were derived from a line in the song As Time Goes By (featured in the movie Casablanca). Following the original paintings in the series, the artist later created a list of 36 titles that echo rather than copy the song lyrics.
Fifteen paintings had been created and displayed at the establishment, six or seven at a time on a rotating basis, in the four years before Peccadillo permanently closed in April 2016. The artist continues to add additional paintings to the series, with samples on view at the Thomas Stevens Gallery and other venues.

All Peccadillo Pearl paintings are oil on canvas.
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